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Melania Trump wears sky-blue cashmere Ralph…

Melania Trump wears Ralph Lauren for Inauguration Day

Did Selena Gomez Get Her HAIR Photoshopped in…

Is Selena Gomez the latest victim of Photoshop failure?! Please restore my faith in social media and say it isn’t so! But unfortunately it looks like it is so. Selena debuted a new haircut last week and gave us all the most hair envy ever. But now it looks like fans are calling out one minor, but still really awkward Photoshop fail in the photo. After close inspection, notice that the wall above Selena’s shoulder is totally warped. Ok, so let’s get to the bottom of this and answer the big question here: just what were they trying to accomplish? Well usually when a photo is obviously Photoshopped, it’s to make a celebrity’s waist smaller, legs thinner, you know. None of which body parts are obviously even in the photo. But you see, the Photoshop done here may be more innocent than we were originally led to believe because it seems whoever did this was trying to give Selena’s hair more volume. Future tip for Selena’s team and everyone else at home…hairspray literally does the same exact thing. What do you guys think! Is Photoshopping hair going too far?? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Vacation in Sweden and Sleep in the Trees

If you have dreamed of going to Sweden and viewing the Aurora Borealis in person, the TreeHotel might be your answer. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports on this unconventional, yet beautiful hotel option.

Bella Hadid Rocks Sheer Shirt -- Check Out the…

The model left very little to the imagination.

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Hollywood's Craziest Pranks

Ruby Rose, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton and more stars have been the butt of jokes for some hilarious and failed shenanigans. Watch!

Subway Makeup Challenge

“I look like my grandma."

Inauguration Day Speeches Through the Years

Here are some of the best words from new Presidents.

Donald Trump's Inauguration: The Most Remarkable…

Grace and dignity prevailed during Donald Trump's inauguration, as the new and former Presidents delivered a peaceful transfer of power. Access Hollywood looks at the day's most memorable moments, from the Obamas' final goodbye to Donald Trump taking the oath of office.

Internet Pop Quiz with Brendon Urie (Panic! At…

Panic! At the Disco's Brendon Urie hung out backstage at The Tonight Show to answer questions about his phone background, largest food order and favorite emojis.

Jim Parsons Started a Talk Show Because He's Too…

The 2016 presidential election motivated Jim Parsons to launch a weekly SiriusXM political show to help him better understand politics.

Ariana Grande Claims 'Hardest Working' Title and…

Ariana Grande has claimed to be the 'hardest working 23 year old on earth'. Not everyone on Instagram agrees. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports.

Solange Knowles headlines progressive 'Peace Ball'

While the official pre-inaugural concert attended by Donald Trump was heavy on country music, it was Solange Knowles and Esperanza Spalding that entertained an enthusiastic gathering at an alternative inaugural event organized by progressive activists

Kim Kardashian Posts SUPER Secretive Message…

You guys, things are about to get so real on the new season on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Sure the season trailer has already been released and delivered all the drama, but now Kim is keeping us curious by posting the most cryptic message of 201. And we know 2017 just started but it’s really cryptic you guys, here check it out. Yesterday evening, Kim posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, “if you only knew” Anyway, the post doesn’t really much but certainly we will find out how every went down during Kim’s Paris robbery in season 13. Kim has only recently returned to social media after keeping a low profile following the October robbery. As far as season 13 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – we’ll have to wait to see how everything unfolds when it premieres in March.

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Animal treatment questions cancel 'A Dog's…

This weekend's premiere of "A Dog's Purpose" has been canceled following the release of a video that appears to show a frightened dog being forced into churning water during production

Grown-up Paris Jackson hits her namesake city for…

Colorful fall-winter menswear shows in Paris mixed high culture, androgyny and street-wear, as the daughter of the pop icon Michael Jackson, Paris, stepped out for the cameras at Givenchy's library show_ fittingly in the City of Light

Harry Belafonte talks Trump, women's march…

Entertainer and activist Harry Belafonte, who's been advising organizers of Saturday's Women's March on Washington, says peaceful protest is the best way to show political leaders that the electorate is paying attention

Bella Hadid and Ex Boyfriend The Weeknd's First…

It looks like Bella Hadid just ran into the Weeknd for the first time since photos dropped of him and Selena locking lips. But this was bound to happen at some point! Honestly though, we just didn’t think it would happen so soon! The exes were both spotted at a concert in New York City, where the Weeknd took the stage to perform. And we wonder if Bella was secretly there to see him. No shade, because we’re all guilty of “accidently running into an ex.” Right? Anyway, Bella was there with Bestie Kendall Jenner, and looked like she was having a really good time. And although it isn’t certain whether or not Bella and the Weeknd actually ever came face to face that night, they were both hanging backstage at the show. That is, until Bella and Kendall jetted off to Paris. Naturally. So how is Bella doing in the aftermath of the most dramatic week ever? It’s only been a week right? A source close to Bella recently said that she’s “hanging in there” and despite being reasonably bitter about her ex’s romance with Selena, the former couple is on ‘fine’ terms. But you guys, “fine” is never good. Has anyone ever asked you how you were doing and you replied with… fine? Right. How awkward would it be though to have to watch your ex perform onstage after you break up? And also, why is this a reoccurring theme in Bella’s life!! On a scale from one to ten let us know in the comments below just how awkward you think this was for Bella!

EXCLUSIVE: Corey Hawkins on Taking Over for…

The actor dishes to ET about keeping Jack Bauer's spirit alive on the show.

Best and Worst Inauguration Day Fashions

Is Melania Trump officially the First Lady of--fashion? Plus, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway leaves us scratching our heads with her colorful ensemble.

BuzzFeed Investigates Why Police Lie

A History of How and Why Police Lie

Superstars You've Never Heard Of

Some of the world's biggest stars come from outside the United States. Find out which celebrities are superstars in their own countries.

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Michelle Obama Fashion Flashback: What Makes Her…

With the Obama presidency coming to a close, Access Hollywood reflects on the outgoing First Lady's influential style. Take a look back at eight years of Michelle Obama's iconic looks, and why many consider her the most fashionable First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.

Ramen Challenge with James McAvoy

James McAvoy and Jimmy race to be the first to finish three four-foot-long ramen noodles and three shots of sake, while the loser has to put on a mystery costume and dance.

Amber Says What?: BBC Cancels Show About Michael…

Late Night writer Amber Ruffin recaps what's happening in pop culture news.