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Judge: Anthony Garcia competent to go through sentencing

A judge has found a former doctor convicted of killing four people connected to an Omaha medical school is competent to face an upcoming death penalty hearing

Holy Cow! Extremely Rare Calf Born in Indiana

An extremely rare calf was born at Conner Prairie in Indiana. Amanda Kabbabe (@kabbaber) explains what's so special about this cow.

Kendall Jenner's New Bff, Demi Lovato Kisses Ed…

It's that time of day again! Beyonce has gone into hiding because she thinks that she's gotten too fat. Rumor has i that the Queen B is not feeling all that great and doesn't want people to see her looking so big. On the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Demi Lovato joined Fallon in the EW girl sketch. As Jimmy Fallon started to make out with a pillow with the face of Mario Lopez, Demi Lovato started making out with a pillow face of Ed Sheeran. Are these clues to a secret crush???? Hmmmm...I guess we will never know considering Ed Sheeran has a girlfriend. Kendall Jenner was spotted shopping with her Gigi Hadid, her new BFF Paris Jackson. The two were spotted in an antique store shopping together. Could this be a beginning of a long lasting relationship? Only time will tell. How does Gigi feel about all this? I am sure She's doing just fine.

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March Madness Is Here!

Catch all of the hottest college basketball games, LIVE, during this year’s big tournament. Now through April 3rd you can catch all the tournament action right here, anytime, anywhere!

Johnson says 'Baywatch' is summer's 'sexiest, funniest' pic

CinemaCon just got a little less dressed

The Latest: Helmets by position in NFL's future?

NFL players may be wearing different helmets based on their position in the not-too-distant future

John Harbaugh believes Colin Kaepernick will get…

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh believes quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be playing in the NFL this season.

Work hard, believe, and never give up

Trump says he expects a health care deal soon

President Donald Trump says he expects to make a deal on health care, even though his first attempt failed just a few days ago

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California, NY vow to fill climate-change void left by Trump

The governors of California and New York say they'll help fill the void left by President Donald Trump's executive order that seeks to boost the coal industry

Budget would hurt HRDC

House votes to block Obama-era online privacy rule

The House has voted to block online privacy regulations issued during the final months of the Obama administration, a first step toward allowing internet providers such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon to sell the browsing habits of their customers

Democrats call for Devin Nunes to step down from…

Top House Democrats called on Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation into alleged ties between Russia and the Trump administration.

The Latest: Transgender inmates could have bras, cosmetics

Transgender California prison inmates could have bras, cosmetics and other personal items corresponding to their gender identities under newly proposed regulations

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Trump to rollback Obama's climate reguations

President Donald Trump plans to slash President Obama's climate regulations.

Peter King: 'Absolutely, unequivocally' don't…

Speaking with Redskins Insider JP Finlay, MMQB's Peter King says Washington has to hang on to Kirk Cousins however they can.

10 Things to Know for Wednesday

10 Things to Know for Wednesday: What Democrats are angry about; who is talking the blame at the White House