Apple kills iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle as music…

The iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle have played their final notes for Apple

Rust Belt Wisconsin looks to fill high-skill jobs…

Wisconsin landed the much coveted Foxconn plant, but now the rust belt state needs to produce more highly skilled workers than those employed in the factories of the past

Google Play Music to merge with YouTube Red, Uber…

The biggest stories in tech include the planned merge of Google's Play Music with YouTube Red, Apple's discontinuation of the iPod Nano and Shuffle and Uber's new $15 fee that will be assessed if a driver needs to make a return trip for a lost item.

Could shark blood aid in chemical weapon…

The U.S. military is investigating whether a protein in shark blood can help hunt for chemical and biological weapons and reveal them before they harm military personnel

Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs' widow, buys The Atlantic

Philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, Apple founder Steve Jobs' widow, has bought a majority stake in The Atlantic magazine

Intel's 2Q results top analyst views, lifting…

Intel's 2nd-quarter profit more than doubles amid strengthening demand for company's personal computer chips

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Inmates' escape video shows everything is caught…

California inmates' escape video another extreme example of the age of catching everything on camera

Sega Genesis Flashback unboxing

What comes in the newest HDMI-ready Sega retro console bundle? We take a look inside.

Navy conducts rapid-fire test with…

Raw video: Weapon shoots in rapid succession using electrical pulse to launch projectiles at speeds that exceed 4,500 miles per hour

Croatian taxis protest Uber at height of tourism season

Hundreds of Croatian taxi drivers are protesting against Uber services, disrupting traffic at the height of tourism season in the Adriatic country

Forbes: Amazon CEO Bezos was briefly the world's…

Forbes magazine says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos briefly became the world's richest man Thursday, as stock in his e-commerce company hit an all-time high

Nokia reports loss, warns of decline in networks…

Nokia reports continued loss in the second quarter with flat in sales, mainly caused by 5-percent decline in core networks business

Atari Flashback 8 Gold unboxing

AtGames' newest Atari box looks nicer and can finally work with an HDTV if you dare. We open it up.

NASA launches 2017 eclipse app to inspire citizen…

NASA launches a new interactive app designed to allow solar eclipse enthusiasts the opportunity to share their experience during the eclipse

Why you still can't ditch your cable box

Where's my cable-streaming app? Turns out, getting cable still mostly requires renting a clunky, expensive box

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Greek police see leads in money laundering…

Greek police say a cellphone seized from a Russian man the U.S. wants extradited for allegedly laundering vast sums through bitcoin transactions should provide key data for the investigation

Why Twitter won't ban President Donald Trump

Twitter has made it clear that it won't even consider banning Donald Trump from its service, whether the president follows its rules against harassment or not

Ride a hidden train below the streets of London

It's not the Tube, but it is a tiny underground train that used to haul mail between post offices. Join CNET for a ride on this new attraction.

Adobe to kill Flash by 2020

A look back at Adobe Flash and its impact on the computing world on the heels of Adobe’s announcement to kill Flash by 2020

Apple ordered to pay $506M in Wisconsin patent infringement

A judge has ordered computer-maker Apple Inc. to pay more than $506 million in a patent infringement case brought by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation after the two sides agreed on final damages

Samsung soars, sidestepping jailing of chief…

Samsung Electronics sees profit soar despite jailing of company scion, fire-prone Note 7 smartphone fiasco

Amazon and Foxconn reflect a growing trend…

Job announcements by Amazon and Foxconn reflect a growing trend: Reach customers now

NASA's Moon Rover will mine for water in the dark

NASA computer scientists are teaching exploration and mining robots to navigate planets in the dark. NASA Ames Research Center scientists showed off their Resource Prospector rover during a Facebook Live stream yesterday. The rover will explore the poles of the moon and mine for natural resources. Kind of like in "Avatar" but without the blue aliens.

'Textalyzer' aims to crack down on texting while…

New York police considering using device that can tell if a driver was texting at the time of a crash

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New York eyes textalyzer to bust drivers using…

New York state will study the use of a device known as the textalyzer that would allow police to determine whether a motorist involved in a crash was texting while driving

At hacker summit, a new focus on preventing…

Against a backdrop of attacks that have grown into full-fledged sabotage, Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos asked hackers and security experts at the Black Hat conference to re-focus on defense

Facebook's ads just keep creeping into new apps

Facebook has squeezed just about as many ads into its main platform as it can