SEC chairman faces questions from Congress after…

SEC chairman may face tough hearing in front of Congress after agency's disclosure that it also was victim of a hack

Uber wields new weapon in fight with London…

Uber has followed a traditional playbook in its fight with London regulators but the company's new CEO is also trying diplomacy

Ford demos mixed reality car design at Microsoft…

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set the stage for this Hololens and Acer Mixed Realty headset demo session.

Author: Tech companies have undermined democracy

Author Jonathan Taplin explains on 'The Next Revolution'

WhatsApp service disrupted in China as censorship tightens

The encrypted messaging service WhatsApp is suffering intermittent disruptions in China as communist authorities tighten censorship controls ahead of a major ruling party meeting

Semi-autonomous Cadillacs en route to dealerships

General Motors' Cadillac luxury brand is embarking on a cross-country drive to show off its version of a car that almost drives itself on the freeway

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Australia to create its own space agency for…

Australia has announced it will create its own space agency to increase its share of the $330 billion space economy

Uber to lose London license, Facebook drops share…

In today's tech news, Uber could stop operating in London within days, Facebook ditches plans to restructure shares and Homeland Security confirms 2016 election hacks.

Has the technological revolution become too…

Anita Vogel reports on the influence of big tech

Microsoft AI in use at Macy's, handling service requests

Microsoft, using its research into artificial intelligence, has created a virtual assistant that can be used by companies can use to respond to customer service requests

London mayor: Uber to blame for loss of license…

The mayor of London says people angry about the decision to strip Uber of its license in the city should blame the ride-hailing company itself, and not transit authorities

New Apple reviews, Nest debuts Secure line of…

This week's major tech headlines include reviews of the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and Apple TV 4K. Nest also introduced a new line of home protection products called Nest Secure and there's even more rumblings that Sprint and T-Mobile may actually pull off a long-rumored merger.

Zuckerberg visits Philly, orders cheesesteak like a local

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posts photo of himself ordering a cheesesteak in Philadelphia

iPhone 8 drop test: How tough is the glass?

Find out what it took to break the iPhone 8 and which side broke first.

Deloitte says email cyberattack affected 'very few clients'

Deloitte says reported cyberattack of firm's email system affected 'very few clients'

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Classified US spy satellite launched from California

A U.S. spy satellite atop an Atlas V rocket blasted off on a classified mission Saturday night from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California