Coming up on Mon, Sept 25 edition of 'Special…

Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

Part three of Trump's speech at rally for Sen…

President Trump speaks at Alabama senator's campaign event

This week in odd news: Hitchhiking raccoon; Teen…

This week in odd news: A Council member gives opponent ABC (already been chewed) gum; Police say Florida gas station owner chases man, fires warning shot, forcing suspect to return stolen beers; Police: Man steals green chile burger after slapping victim

AP PHOTOS: A selection of pictures from the past…

PHOTO GALLERY: Youths take part in annual Sea of Galilee swim; couple sits in hurricane-damaged home in Puerto Rico; Rohingya refugees reach for food distributed by aid agencies in Bangladesh.

ACLU sues St. Louis over treatment of protesters

American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri sues the city of St. Louis over what it calls 'unlawful and unconstitutional action' during demonstrations that followed a former police officer's acquittal in killing

Bottega Veneta embraces the now at Milan Fashion…

With Gigi Hadid on the runway and Lauren Hutton in the front row, Bottega Veneta honors icons as it embraces the now

Note to Texas, Florida: Insurance fights over Sandy rage on

Hundreds of families swamped by 2012's Sandy still fight with government over flood payouts

Earthquake detected in North Korea near nuclear…

More seismic activity was detected in North Korea Friday night near the site where the rogue nation recently conducted a nuclear test. While neighboring countries initially expressed fears that this was another missile launch, South Koreans say they believe the activity measured was a natural occurrence.

iPhone 8 drop test: How tough is the glass?

Find out what it took to break the iPhone 8 and which side broke first.

'If you die saving someone it's ok'

The BBC followed a recovery effort in Mexico City, after Tuesday's deadly 7.1-magnitude earthquake.

The New York Times - How To | Activate an Artwork

From The New York Times: Per the artist's instructions, a french horn by the sculptor Darren Bader is used as a serving vessel for sauces – in this case, guacamole.By: By MARCUS GAAB. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Autumn Equinox 2017: Why Friday Is the First Day…

Friday's autumn equinox marks the end of summer and the first day of fall for anybody living in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning colder weather and longer nights are on the way

Mellancamp on music, activism in the Trump era

Joe Scarborough sits down with the one and only singer/songwriter John Mellancamp for a talk about Mellancamp's new music, his politics, activism in the age of Trump and the history of Farm Aid.

McCain against Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal

In addition to McCain, Kentucky's Rand Paul is also a "no" vote. One more Republican vote will "kill" the bill.

Our Pets Are Getting Fat Because of Junk Food

Everyone loves spoiling their pets, but all those snacks you call pet lovin’ is making your furry friends fatter. Jose Sepulveda(@josespeulvedatv) has more.

Meetings with Prince Harry, Canadian PM for…

Melania Trump is leading the U.S. delegation to an international sporting event for wounded service members

Video captures California officer fatally shooting man

A police officer shot and killed a man after a struggle outside a California convenience store that was captured on video by a bystander

McCain doesn't back GOP health care bill, drawing…

McCain opposes latest GOP health care bill, drawing ire from Trump and possibly dealing death blow to repeal-and-replace effort

California gang members found guilty of killing 5

Two gang members have been found guilty of killing five people at a homeless encampment near Los Angeles

Federal government notifies 21 states of election…

The U.S. government has told election officials in 21 states that hackers targeted their systems last year, although in most cases the systems were not breached

Trump takes aim at 'Rocket Man' during Alabama…

Reaction to the president's speech on 'The Five'

Part two of Trump's speech at rally for Sen…

President Trump speaks at Alabama senator's campaign event

Profiles of the Little Rock Nine who integrated…

The nine black teenagers who integrated Little Rock's Central High School in September 1957 all went on to seek higher education

Man convicted in kidnap, rape, murder of nursing…

A jury has found a man guilty of kidnapping, raping and killing a Tennessee nursing student who disappeared from her home more than six years ago