Polish women go to Germany for legal abortions

Poland has some of the most restrictive laws in Europe when it comes to abortion. An estimated 80,000 Polish women a year go abroad or seek illegal abortions at home, according to Polish women's rights groups.

Before big break in case, Austin bombs frustrated…

Investigators trying to solve the Austin bombing case were frustrated until they got their big break

Roommate's mom: Son was in custody until police…

The mother of a man who lived with suspected serial bomber Mark Conditt in a home north of Austin says her son was kept in police custody until after Conditt died in a fatal confrontation with officers

Life support ending for 'brain dead' school…

The mother of a teenage girl shot when a classmate opened fire inside their Maryland high school says she has "no life left in her" and is being removed from life support

Afghan army faulted for sloppiness with blood-type testing

US watchdog says sloppy blood collection and identification by Afghanistan's army may have led to the death of injured soldiers treated with the wrong blood type; defense ministry rejects findings

California storm forces flood rescues but spares…

A powerful storm in California that swelled rivers, flooded streets and triggered water rescues throughout the state is on its last gasp

The Rio protesters fighting for Marielle

Black women in Brazil say the councillor's murder was a big blow for their community.

Congress OKs $1.3 trillion budget, averting…

Congress OKs $1.3 trillion budget, averting another shutdown

Bookies are Taking Bets on When Prince Harry and…

With the Royal Wedding around the corner, could a Royal Baby for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be far behind? UK bookies think there will be a pregnancy announcement before the end of 2018! Buzz60's TC Newman has more.

GOP Idaho senator slows huge bill in fight over forest name

A Republican Idaho senator slowed passage of Congress' huge spending bill because the measure renamed a wilderness area in his state after a deceased Democratic governor

Bolton replacing McMaster as Trump national…

President Donald Trump is replacing national security adviser H.R. McMaster with John Bolton, a foreign policy hawk

Dow tumbles 724 points on trade war fears

Wall Street fell sharply Thursday as President Trump unveiled new tariffs aimed at Chinese goods and investment, sparking fear of a trade war between the world's two biggest economies. Conway G. Gittens reports.

China may hike tariffs on US pork, aluminum…

China lists $3 billion in U.S. goods including pork and aluminum pipe to maybe face higher tariffs in response to President Donald Trump's higher import duties on steel and aluminum

Arkansas woman charged after twins' bodies found in suitcase

Officials say a woman has been charged with two counts of abuse of a corpse after the bodies of stillborn twins were found in a suitcase along a road in eastern Arkansas

McDougal: I thought we could get married

While discussing her alleged affair with now-President Donald Trump, Karen McDougal tells CNN's Anderson Cooper that at the time, she thought "maybe" the relationship would end in marriage.

Behind Facebook's baby step fixes: Defending its…

Why Facebook only makes baby-step fixes: It wants to protect its ad business

Analyst: Trump mood swings worse than teenager

Author Michael D'Antonio tells CNN's Don Lemon President Trump makes rash decisions based on mood swings and the country is left to cope with it.

Penn State fraternity members due in court over…

Eleven members of a now-closed Penn State fraternity facing charges over the death of a pledge last year are due back in court

Police: Officers shot 2, believing escaped inmate…

Denver police say officers who shot and killed a man after a high-speed chase believed an escaped inmate was a passenger in the car

2 firefighters killed, 2 injured in building…

Two Pennsylvania firefighters have been killed and two others injured in the partial collapse of a former piano factory, which had been heavily damaged in a fire