McConnell: Unclear what Trump wants in deal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that the Republicans are not sure what President Donald Trump wants in a DACA deal, and until he figures it out what the President supports, a deal cannot be made.

Napolitano: Is a government shutdown really all…

Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano: Judge Napolitano and Chris Stirewalt discuss the possibility of a government shutdown, what that means for everyday Americans, and whether or not it's all that bad.

Rep. Kinzinger on gov't funding, NKorea tensions…

Illinois congressman speaks out on 'The Daily Briefing.'

The Latest: At least 8 deaths blamed on winter…

The number of deaths blamed on harsh winter weather in the South has risen to eight _ including an 8-month-old baby in a car that plunged into a canal in suburban New Orleans

No fire inspection records where 13 children held…

Officials find no records of fire inspection at California home where 13 malnourished siblings were held

Judges rule for deported Mexican woman threatened…

A federal appeals court is ordering U.S. immigration authorities to reconsider the case of a Mexican mother of four U.S.-born children who was deported last year while claiming she faced targeting by a Mexican drug cartel

Tillerson signals deeper US military commitment in Syria

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says it's crucial for the U.S. to maintain a military presence in Syria to prevent an Islamic State resurgence

Death in Florida was 21st caused by Takata air bags

The death of

Million dollar idea: The zipper

The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how the zipper became a million dollar idea.

The New York Times - Coming Soon: Conception

From The New York Times: There is no singular experience of becoming a mother. Our video series brings you first-person accounts of love, regret, doubt and strength.. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Michigan Fireball Meteor

Michigan Fireball Meteor

Here's Why Trains in Japan Will Bark Like A Dog…

Japanese Train researchers developed a new technology that allows trains to bark like a dog, and mimic deer snorting sounds. Buzz60's Sam Berman has the full story.

Bob Dole receives Congressional Gold Medal, Trump…

Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole is getting Congress' highest civilian honor

Florida driver died because of faulty air bag, report says

The Florida Highway Patrol says a woman died because a faulty air bag ruptured and fired shrapnel into her head during a crash she should have survived

Entire operation of federal consumer regulator under review

Acting director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau calls for review of entire structure and approach of federal government's consumer watchdog agency

North Carolina gerrymander suit plaintiffs want new map now

Voter advocacy groups and Democratic voters want the U.S. Supreme Court to force North Carolina Republicans to redraw the state's congressional districts by next week because they say it's clear the lines are tainted by over-the-top political bias

See Houthi missile intercepted by Saudis

CNN is the first news crew to be shown the missile that was fired by Houthis in Yemen and was intercepted by Saudis near Riyadh last month.

Apple to build 2nd campus, hire 20,000 in $350B…

Apple is planning to build another corporate campus and hire 20,000 more workers during the next five years as part of a $350 billion commitment to the U.S. economy

Banfield rips Ansari story writer over insults

HLN's Ashleigh Banfield fires back at writer Katie Way for an email that insulted Banfield's looks and age sent in response to Banfield's commentary critical of Way's story about anonymous sexual assault allegations against actor Aziz Ansari.

Will Congress pass a spending bill before the…

Republican plan includes a six-year extension for the CHIP medical program.

White House: Sen. Jeff Flake is looking for…

Press secretary Sarah Sanders says the Republican senator from Arizona is criticizing President Trump because he has terrible poll numbers.