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Former Judge Dragged Out Of Court After Shocking…

Supporters screamed as a convicted former judge was dragged away to jail by a deputy.

Justin & Hailey Show LOTS Of PDA For Selena’s…

It’s Selna Gomez’s Birthday and you know what the means ...Justin & Hailey Bieber PDA Posts on Instagram! Also, we are bringing you all the details of Kylie Jenner & Sofia RIchie’s friendship and how Kylie had to get Kourtney Kardashian's approval to proceed! All this and more on an all new Daily Rewind!

Mudslide in Nepal mountain village kills 8, with 2 missing

A mudslide buried houses in two remote mountain villages in Nepal on Tuesday, killing eight people and leaving two others missing

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Boris Johnson wins race to become UK's next prime…

Brexit hardliner Boris Johnson won the contest to lead Britain's governing Conservative Party on Tuesday and will become the country's next prime minister

Cardi B Fans WORRIED After She Posts “I Wish I…

Cardi B worries fans when she tweets and then deletes that she wishes she was dead. We’re going to look into what could have possibly caused her to tweet this. PLUS…in some lighter news…she also got a new tattoo for her husband Offset that he revealed on Instagram this weekend. I have to say the placement definitely looks…interesting. I’m breaking down this latest Cardi B news right now so stay tuned.

Stuntman injury halts 'Fast & Furious 9' production in UK

Production of "The Fast and the Furious 9" in England has been halted after a stuntman for the movie was severely injured

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Justin & Hailey Bieber Go FULL PDA On Selena…

Happy Birthday Selena Gomez! Our girl rang in her 27th year of life by being the maid of honor in her cousin's wedding this weekend but THAT’S NOT ALL. I have an update on her dating life…her music…and her lupus struggles. PLUS…don’t get mad but we also have to talk about Justin and Hailey Biebers over the top PDA on Instagram this weekend. And I also have to fill you in on how another one of Selena’s exes…The Weeknd is hitting a slump in his relationship with Bella Hadid. Don’t get mad…get glad because we’re talking about your fav birthday girl and how she’s living her best life compared to her exes right now.

Thai queen mother in hospital with respiratory infection

Thailand's 86-year-old Queen Mother Sirikit is being treated for a respiratory infection

Portugal officials: major wildfire is mostly…

Emergency services in Portugal say they have brought under control 90 percent of a huge wildfire which has raged for four days and injured 39 people

Las Vegas man's Apollo 11 film reels auctioned for $1.8M

Film footage of the original mission to the moon has been auctioned for over $1.8 million

Tent camp fire in Russia's Far East kills 3 children

Russian authorities say three children have died in a fire at a tent camp in the country's Far East

Kylie Jenner WAITED For Kourtney’s APPROVAL…

Remember how I told you guys that Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie have become increasingly close since Jordyn Woods left the picture. Well apparently it has less to do with Kylie fostering old friendships and more to do with her waiting for big sis Kourtney to give her the okay. PLUS…I need to fill you guys in on WHY Kylie and Travis Scott are getting dragged on their recent PDA pic. And FINALLY…we need to discuss Kendall Jenner separating herself from everyone in her famous fam minus her younger sister. I’ve got the latest on this and the rest of this Kylie news right now so stay tuned.

Elevated opioid risks found at Native American…

A U.S. government audit that has been made public found that government hospitals placed Native Americans at increased risk for opioid abuse and overdoses

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India launches spacecraft to explore water…

India sent a spacecraft to explore water deposits on the far side of the moon in a successful launch after a technical problem caused a week's delay

Chris Kraft, 1st flight director for NASA, dies…

Engineer Chris Kraft, who was NASA's first flight director as the space race developed between the U.S. and Soviet Union, has died