Judge: Resumption of US coal sales by Trump needs…

A federal judge in Montana says the Trump administration failed to consider the environmental effects of resuming coal sales from federal lands, but stopped short of halting future sales

Panel to review approval of Boeing 737 Max flight…

A team of experts next week will begin reviewing how the Boeing 737 Max flight control system was approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Oklahoma City bombing 'Survivor Tree' DNA to live…

Oklahoma City is using science and technology to sustain the DNA of a tree symbolizing hope 24 years after the deadliest act of domestic terrorism on US soil

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Business Highlights

Business Highlights

Regulators May Go After Zuckerberg Personally

Federal regulators are considering ways to hold Mark Zuckerberg responsible for Facebook's handling of its users' personal information. Possible new oversight of the CEO has been discussed by FTC officials and Facebook as part of the government's investigation into how the networking site uses the data, the Washington Post reports....

Report: FTC considering oversight of Facebook's…

Washington Post says discussions between Facebook and Federal Trade Commission officials about the company's data-handing lapses have touched on instituting some sort of oversight for company CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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Honda slows Accord, Civic production as buyers shift to SUVs

Honda is slowing production of Accord and Civic cars as U.S. buyers continue to favor SUVs and trucks

Road crew misspells 'school' in school crossing

A road crew in Florida should get an "F" for spelling, painting "S-C-O-H-O-L" in a crosswalk outside a school.

Firefighters rescue fisherman whose wheelchair got stuck

Firefighters in the Kansas City area came to the rescue when a fisherman's electric wheelchair got stuck in the mud

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