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Trump Could Be Impeached Without a Single GOP Vote

Newser — Rob Quinn

Nancy Pelosi said earlier this year that she would not be in favor of impeachment unless it was "something compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan." The House Intelligence Committee impeachment hearings over the last two weeks produced some compelling evidence of wrongdoing, according to Democrats—but the "bipartisan" bit isn't happening.

The hearings have apparently failed to persuade a single House Republican to vote for impeachment, meaning that while President Trump is likely to be impeached and face a trial in the Senate, the process will be moving forward without any GOP votes, Politico reports.

Republicans say the hearings failed to produce solid evidence that Trump personally ordered military aid to Ukraine to be withheld pending an investigation of the Bidens.

Republican Rep. Will Hurd, who is retiring this year, is seen as a "bellwether for any signs of weakness in GOP support for the president," and he doesn't seem to be wavering, the AP reports.

"I have not heard evidence proving the president committed bribery or extortion," says Hurd, who considers the president's actions "inappropriate" but not grounds for impeachment. As for Senate Republicans, the Hill reports that Trump has stepped up a "charm offensive" to shore up support.

He met Thursday with a small group of senators, including Sens. Susan Collins and Mitt Romney, two of the Republicans who have been the most critical of him.

Romney said afterward that the meeting, which focused on the senators' priorities, including lowering prescription drug costs, had been "delightful."

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