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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ almost had a much different ending

BGR — Chris Smith

Spider-Man: Far From Home has been playing in theaters for more than a week, which means we know precisely how the Infinity Saga ends and we can focus on what’s coming next in Marvel’s fourth phase of MCU films. But as always with a new Marvel movie, we’ve learned plenty of extra things about Far From Home now that it’s out in cinemas, including the fact that the movie initially had a safer, more boring ending. Beware, major spoilers follow below, so bookmark this post for later if you haven’t already watched Far From Home.

Far From Home delivers a couple of massive twists with the help of credits scenes, setting the tone for what might be coming in MCU Phase 4, and giving Spider-Man a mind-blowing twist for what might happen in the third film in the revived franchise.

The first credits scene reveals the identity of Spider-Man to the world with the help of a glorious cameo, while simultaneously making Peter Parker sound like the bad guy of the most recent adventure. This is the first time in Marvel movies that Spider-Man’s identity is revealed, which means Spider-Man 3 will deliver a brand new version of Spider-Man. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige already teased that the next film might bring over Spider-Man adventures unlike anything seen before.

The second scene is even more critical for Phase 4, as it sets up the Secret Invasion storyline. We find out Nick Fury wasn’t on Earth the entire time. Talos and his wife, the Skrulls from Captain Marvel, were impersonating Nick Fury and Maria Hill. The former was taking a sort of a working vacation in space.

Speaking to The New York Times, Far From Home screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers revealed the thought process that went into these pivotal credits scenes, explaining that the initial choices were a lot safer.

Ultimately, the duo chose to both reveal the identity of Peter to the world and make him seem as if he were the bad guy all along.

The writers also revealed that it became pretty clear that the Daily Bugle should be the entity that reveals Spider-Man’s identity, and that J.K. Simmons should reprise his J Jonah Jameson role from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, becoming a sort of “Alex Jones of the MCU.”

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