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Democrats Expect Defections as Hearings Resume

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The House Judiciary Committee has reconvened to consider articles of impeachment, with the panel expected to vote on and approve them later in the day. President Trump, meanwhile, unleashed a flurry of morning tweets criticizing the process, reports the Hill, many of them featuring videos of Republicans defending him.


  • Defections: Democrats are bracing for defections when the full House vote is taken next week. On Wednesday, Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey said he would be one of them, reports USA Today.

"I don't see anything there worthy of actually taking a president out of office," he said. "I'm concerned about splitting our nation apart." The Washington Post quotes two senior Democratic aides who predict six defections, while a third says the number could go higher.

  • In the Senate: When the matter reaches the Senate, as expected, Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders are leaning toward a relatively fast trial—perhaps two weeks—in early 2020 that ends with a vote to acquit Trump, reports a separate story in the Washington Post.

Trump reportedly favors a longer trial in which Republicans can defend him. CNN also reports that the Senate plans to acquit Trump, a higher threshold than simply dismissing the charges.

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