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Judges' Visit to White Castle Ends With Fight, 2 Shot

Newser — Jenn Gidman

Look out, Florida, Indiana is coming for your "Land of Weird Crimes" title: NPR reports three judges there have now been suspended without pay after a May 1 incident that saw them act "in an injudicious manner," per a Tuesday decision from the Indiana Supreme Court.

Per the ruling, Andrew Adams, Bradley Jacobs, and Sabrina Bell went out for a night of drinking in Indianapolis the night before a judicial conference; at around 3am, they walked to a strip club, which was closed.

Their next stop: a White Castle, where Bell gave the finger to Alfredo Vazquez and Brandon Kaiser, who were driving by. Vasquez and Kaiser pulled over, the four men scuffled, and then Kaiser allegedly drew a gun and shot Adams and Jacobs; they were both seriously wounded and deemed intoxicated after blood tests.

In her police statement, Bell noted she and the other judges are "very good friends" and that she's "fiery" and "fiesty" and tends to get "mouthy" when she drinks.

"They're very protective of me," she said of Adams and Jacobs. Jacobs and Bell have both been suspended for 30 days, while Adams is suspended for 60.

He pleaded guilty in September to a charge of misdemeanor battery and was sentenced to a year in jail but only had to serve two days.

Per the Indianapolis Star, both Adams and Jacobs issued statements of apology, noting how they'd embarrassed the judiciary, their families, and their communities. NBC News notes that Kaiser will face a slew of charges at his January trial, including battery with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct, while Vasquez, his nephew, already pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery earlier this month; he received 180 days of home detention and a year of probation.

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