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Destroy Dog Houses in Fortnite: Locations and how to quickly finish challenge

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Fortnite released its Chapter 2 Season 2 Week 6 challenges, and one of them is to Destroy Dog Houses.

In order to finish this challenge you need to destroy three Dog Houses. Thankfully for those looking to finish this challenge, there are six total Dog Houses on the map. Also, this is a pretty simple challenge because destroying a Dog House is incredibly easy — just swing your pickaxe at it.

The only part that makes this difficult is that you probably don't have all of the Dog House locations saved to memory. You've surely seen them throughout your gameplay, but actually knowing where they are would be weird. But, we're weird and here to help you locate three of them to get this challenge finished.

Destroy Dog Houses — Fortnite Challenge

As you can tell in the Cheat Sheet above, there are plenty of Dog House locations.

There are three near Pleasant Park, two near Frenzy Farm and four around Lazy Lake and Retail Row combined. But if you want to get this done quickly, your best bet is to simply go to Holly Hedges.

The map shows five Dog Houses located in Holly Hedges, so you can go from one to another and get this challenge done in no time.

The video above by TamashaBera perfectly demonstrates how you can find all three Holly Hedges Dog Houses.

One is behind a brown house. Another is near a house with a basketball hoop in the front. One you'll need to destroy some hedges in order to see.

Technically you don't have to destroy all three in a single match to finish this challenge, but since they're all so close together you may as well just get them all out of the way by visiting Holly Hedges.