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Kendall Jenner Grilled By Ellen About Kylie’s Pregnancy, Proposal And Ben Simmons Relationship!

Kendall Jenner was put in the HOT SEAT on Ellen today. Our girl Ellen GRILLED her on Kylie and Travis Scott having baby number 2 and if a secret proposal went down at the Super Bowl…and I think Kendall’s responses said it ALL. Also…don’t start to feel too bad for Kendall…Ellen did ask about her too. In fact she even CONFIRMED her relationship with Ben Simmons which is a pretty big deal for her. PLUS…we have an update on Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson we’ve learned that although the two appear to be happy together…their relationship is ENTIRELY for show. FINALLY…I have to fill you guys in on how Hailey Bieber is relating to Kendall these days. Apparently…she’s human and ALSO suffers from acne. But she’s not mad about it…in fact she’d rather have pimples instead of a baby right now. We’re talking all about Kendall spilling the Kylie tea…Khloe’s fake relationship with Tristan…and Hailey’s pimples right now so stay right here.