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Kylie Jenner Feels OLD After Drunk Video! Lamar Odom Asked If Khloe Kardashian Put A SPELL On Him!

Lamar Odom sat down alongside his new girlfriend for a serious tea spilling interview. I’m going to fill you in on WHY Sabrina Parr thinks Lamar and Khloe Kardashian’s marriage FAILED and if Lamar thinks the Kar-Jenners put him under a spell. PLUS…it appears Jordyn Woods music video ventures are far from over as she recently posted about her hang out with Megan The Stallion. And…finally it’s all fun and games until you black out and get hungover…at least that's how Khloe feels. She recently opened up about what it was like to film that drunk makeup video with Kylie….and lets just say she thinks she’s too old to be taking that many shots. I’m filling you in on this and the rest of this Lamar and Jordyn Woods tea right now so stay tuned.