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Roger Goodell Says the NFL Has ‘Moved on’ From Colin Kaepernick

Roger Goodell Says the NFL Has ‘Moved on’ From Colin Kaepernick. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently spoke out about the events surrounding Kaepernick’s sponsored workout. The November event nearly collapsed at the last minute when Kaepernick opted to host his own event 60 miles away. The decision was reportedly due to the NFL’s “unusual” liability waver as well as their requirement that the session be closed to the media. . In Goodell’s opinion, the workout was an “incredible opportunity” that Kaepernick “chose not to take.”. This was ... about creating an opportunity, which Colin's representatives came out in early October and we created that opportunity. It was a unique opportunity -- an incredible opportunity and he chose not to take it, Roger Goodell, via CNN. Goodell went on to say that while he understands Kaepernick’s decision to change venues, the NFL has ultimately “moved on” from him. . Although he didn’t provide any more specifics, his statement is believed to indicate that the league is finished considering Kaepernick for future workouts or team rosters. . As of now, Kaepernick has not received any contract offers from the eight teams that did attend his relocated workout.